Control Hunger and Cravings, Eat Less, Control Your Weight, Preserve Muscle!

Very good product! I tried and recommend it! It is the best when you don't have time to cook and you are starving! Before the gym it works very well for me!

- Nathalia Z. Fort Lauderdale FL


Can I take more than one Craving Crusher per day?

Yes you can! For more effective results take two shots and repeat as needed. You can take Craving Crusher as needed to satisfy Cravings and exercise caution when using craving Crusher as it should not be used as a replacement for a healthy diet.

How long does Craving Crusher take to work?

Craving Crusher typically takes about 10 minutes to take its full effect.Individual results may vary depending on various factors such as weight, height and hunger level.

What does Craving Crusher taste like?

Craving Crusher’s proprietary blend focuses on effectiveness and as a result it may be somewhat medicinal to some combined with a hint similar to that of a protein shake. Remember, the focus of Craving Crusher is to work and maintain a low caloric intake.

How many calories does Craving Crusher have?

Craving Crusher has only 68 calories.

Does Craving Crusher has any proteins?

Craving Crusher contains a High content of protein ( 10 GRAMS )

Does Craving Crusher have any ingredients that will make me anxious or jittery?

No, Craving Crusher has no caffeine, guarana or any other energy ingredients.

Do I have to refrigerate Craving Crusher?

No refrigeration is necessary before opening.

Does Craving Crusher contain anything I may be allergic to?

Craving Crusher contains hydrolyzed whey protein that contains milk.

Can I take Craving Crusher if I am taking prescription medication?

Craving Crusher is an all natural product however consumers should consult their doctor when consuming any dietary supplement.

What is the shelf life of Craving Crusher?

Craving Crusher has a one year shelf life before opening.

Should I drink the entire mini bottle?

Craving Crusher recommends that the entire shot is consumed for best results.

Suggested Uses
& FAQs

Here are a few suggested used to help you TAKE CONTROL in a healthy way

  • Take One Craving Crusher in between breakfast and lunch time for nutritional benefits and to reduce hunger during lunch
  • Take one Craving Crusher late afternoon /after work and in between lunch and dinner to eliminate craving for junk food and to assist in eating smaller, healthier portions in the evening.
  • Take One Craving Crusher post workout to quickly absorb hydrolyzed protein into the blood stream and to hold yourself over until next meal
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A Healthy Snack To Manage Hunger and Cravings

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